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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

|                                         |   
|                                        |
 |      Microsoft WINDOWS XP PR0 SP3 Corporate UWI BOOTABLE CD        |
|                     Released BY |_| |-|                        |
|                    June Release                   |

This is a Multi staged ISO Released By |_| |-| means you can easily burn it to CD or DVD
without loosing any of its functionality. This ISO When Burned Will Provide You the AUTOMATED
WINDOWS XP SP2/SP3 Installation With AUTOMATION Utility - "UWin Installer".

** NO Serial needed.
** This WINDOWS ISO contains SP2 Pack.
** This WINDOWS ISO Contains SP3 Preview Pack (H0TFiXes Till 2nd June).

** NJOY, Ur Windows XP SP2/SP3 Corporate UWin Installer Edition With Enhanced Security and
   Performance Updates.

wINDOWS XP PR0 SP2/SP3 Corporate UWI BOOTABLE CD Contains ::

** WINDOWS XP SP2/SP3 PRO UWI CD Componenets ::

    XP WMP 10 Integrated  
    XP MCE Theme Integrated
    XP ICON Pack Integrated
    XP Power Toys Integrated
    XP WMP 10 Codecs Integrated
    XP Service Pack 2 Integrated
    XP Peroformance Tweaks Integrated
    XP Service Pack 3 (Preview) Integrated
** Xtra-XP Keys

** Full Version Softwares ::

   Adobe Reader 7
   Alcohol 1.9.5
   Avast Antivirus 4.7 PRO
   Google Toolbar With GMAIL  
   HDD Life       
   K-LITE Mega Codec Pack  
   Power Archiever
   UWI BBChanger Pack
   UWin Installer 2.5.0
   UXPBSOD Utility
   Windows Vista Media Player for XP
   WINAMP 5.0.4
   WMP 10 Enegry Bliss
   XP To Vista Theme Pack
   XP PowerToys
   XP-2-Vista Transformation Pack
   Yahoo Messenger 
   Zone Alarm FireWall ...........and many more

Usage Instructions

>> Burn This .ISO to An Normal CD.
>> Boot From The CD.
>> Just Choose HD Drive Where you want to install 'WINDOWS' & Press 'ENTER'.
   After That Whole Installation Process will be managed by UWin Installer.


Windows Installation/UpGradation AUTOMATED Utility Used :: UWin Installer 2.5.0         |
For More Info on UWin Installer, visit Their Web Site   ::         |

NOTE ::                                         *
--------                                     *   
This is WINDOWS XP Pro SP2 Version 5.1 build 2600 (English) Build.           *
I too have been using this version of WINDOWS XP Pro SP2 Corporate.          *
It's quick to install, and it's stable.                                      *
It's also great for People who likes 2 DECORATE their WINDOWs O.S.           *
If you're ever in the need for an extremely light & Quick 2 Install XP,      *
then this disc will be right for you.                                          *



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